Compass?why not?

We wouldn’t it be nice to be able to know if your facing north south east west without going to your map am I the only one that wishes they would put a compass in the game

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There are a couple of really simple compass mods available that don’t interfere with the game screen. On our server we use the compass and day/night indicator:

But there are a bunch of them, and they aren’t affected by patches or content updates.

I think a simple compass would be cool. If nothing other than just a north marker.

I think if there were a questing system in the game then a compass would be useful. As it is I think it would make the game worse tho. Without a compass the player has to visualize the landscape and use the land to navigate. The omission of a compass enhances that aspect. It’s inclusion would depreciate it. With the RP already being a bit weak in the game as it is, I can’t say including a compass would be a good idea.

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