Compensation for Lost Time

Dear Staff,

This post is regarding the “Authentication Failed” error when connecting to a Conan Exiles server. We are charged an excessive price of $30 per month to rent a private server to able to play your game the way we want to play it. The “GPORTAL” terms of service state:

“(5) The provider undergoes regular maintenance for the safety of its services and data protection. For this purpose, the provider may temporarily disable or limit the service, as long as important reasons justify this. The provider will carry out technical maintenance in off-peak hours whenever possible, unless the performance of technical maintenance is required at other times for safety reasons.”

I have scoured the internet for any sort of “important reason” or justification for this server downtime, but have found nothing from any staff member from FUNCOM, GPORTAL, etc.

Where might I find an explanation as to why I am paying money for a service that does not currently exist to me? If this is not made clear, then how will you provide compensation to those of us that have purchased private server rentals?

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иди ещё раз заплати и всё будет хорошо

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They Released a Patch Friday this is what has messed up the servers

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Also, you won’t get any Compensation, for server downtime they class this as an acceptable error. You could ask Gportal to refund you, but it’s not their fault really.
Its Funcom

Try the G-Portal forums. You know… with the company you spent money with:


Why should people contact g-portal when its a Funcom problem?

Its not the first time this happend since their launcher introduction. And the least they could do is communicating and giving an official statement.

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Two years ago I had a server at gportal for playstation. After a while the server had massive problems. Gportal was very helpful and moved it and it solved the problem for me. But then it gets unplayable for more then two month. After an update. Gportal give me the money back for the two month. Not back to my bankaccount but to my gportal account

On our ps4 server private server Gportal has refunded some days over the years don’t recall what the issue was.

Because you’re paying G-Portal, not Funcom.

G-Portal hosts servers that run Funcom’s software. The software isn’t working properly, because a third service (Microsoft’s PlayFab) is experiencing problems. Good luck getting someone to give you any money for that.


Sounds like you have to complain to Microsoft not Funcom about the issue for lost time/money.

In general, one requests refunds from the party one paid money to.
That vendor may then seek compensation from the ones who caused the kerfluffle, but it’s not really possible to refund moneys someone never received.

If this game had a subscriber system, this would be a much different issue.

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True- however people do pay nitrado and g-portal for the servers to be up. Last year nitrado let me down for over a month and i didnt come here to complain about it since funcom officials were up and running without issue.

So as a consumer i stopped paying nitrado and quietly moved on. They obviously didnt have the skill set to resolve the issue by the time the server renewal came up. Thats was on them not Funcom.

Im brutally quiet with where i spend my money.