Compliment: Shrunken Head!? Hell Yes!

Hey @Community just wanted to shout out some praise and a nice big thankyou for the addition of the Shrunken Head! I honestly do not know exactly what it does yet, and frankly…I don’t even care!! It looks awesome and I can’t wait to start filling chests with them! :smiling_imp: :drop_of_blood:

Spoiler below…


Can only place in the coffer chest. It is cool though. There’s a few other items, but I won’t spoil. :+1:t2:


:scream: I cannot wait to find out!! Not sure that severed heads would have much value as a form of tender, but I don’t mind. In the spirit of this amazing addition, thought I might dust off this.



shrunken heads should replace coins as currency.
i smell a mod.

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Yeah, I’ve found a few objects that I would not have thought to consider “treasure”, except they were labeled as such. I guess one person’s trash is someone else’s treasure.

In this case, I trashed the other person and now it’s my treasure. Mwahaha!


Yes, several items have been added to each faction, marked as treasures. Value - from 5 to 50 points, maybe there are more. For Darfari, this is a head, a doll and a necklace of teeth. Among the Nordheimers I saw a rune tablet and a precious stone.

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