Conan exile ps4 all full preview problems end add detailed

hello i played the game non stop 5 day of testing every ince of the full review of the game.

main the hole map personal trees rock is bugge as hell.

main bugs.

1 mirror mean the hole game if i go left right i can see from 1 tree like shadows behinnthis on tree.same the my person thet i play en other animals.

2 shuttering en bugged game freeze.

while walking around in fight before we fight or if i die en respawn.the game is happering shuttering en game freezez.

3.when i made a servent they do not swim white me they stay on the side until im at the other side -_-once i other side the servebt spawn near me same white animals thet i tamed.

4.i notic thet the boses
are way to i

5 game is not finished.pls repair en patch this up.

thing need to be add to make the game completed.

1 i can only bring 1 servent to join the battle or 1 animals thet i tamed.
hope you add a new skill tree to bring more servent or animals or mix to bring in the a new skill tree would benice to bring more poeple into the battle.

2.add few new thing in the game end new a farmer exile.he can farm ever what i esk.i mark the targets en how many trees end stone or plants(we nees to give command asap.

3 i think we need to be able to give our servent or tamed animals to aim on enemy thet you whanna attack en give to order.
attacking order would be nice.

4 new servents.farmer end a tammer for poeple end a animals.i think thet i can make the farmer some objective.

5 upgradeble building like forge blacksmith foundation end walls from 1 to 2 end 2 to 3 end 4.

like lesser of pain it has only 1 thing pushbalk when you uprade white your hammer then it transform into 2 pushbalks.

a new few building like watch tower trademarket.or some

a new weapons end farm stuff would be nice like a seckle to grab faster seeds

Okay first of all, Are you Dutch? Because no offense but, I can imagine that it can be hard for people to understand your grammar and spelling, and the mistakes that you make sound really Dutch.

Also the bosses are not overpowered at all, most of them can be really easily killed by standing on a high surface using ranged weapons and I think that is something they should fix.
Also servants/animals are not able to swim, at this point in the game there is no enemy/creature that CAN swim, it’s not a bug.
Also buildings are upgradeable.
There’s also a trademarket in the oasis side of the map, and you can build your own watchtower if you’d like.
There is also a sickle in the game.
I do agree that this game is still very buggy and I can imagine that this kind of game is hard for developers to make 100% smooth, but I think you should play some more before judging what to implement in the game, because some of the stuff you suggested is already in the game LOL. You probably didn’t come far enough to see it.

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command attack or fall back

aim on the target en give the command i dont have thet

whant farmer i dont se ethem or tammer for animals do you know how to bet faster seeds

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