Conan Exiles Book on Amazon. Is that legal?

Hi guys,

I just found a german novel about Conan Exiles on Amazon. That can not be allowed, right? The book cover even includes a section from the intro of the game.

Geschichten aus dem Exil: Jurij, der Sklavenjäger by Brida Merlin

Crosslinking to a small thread in Fanworks.

The User was in touch with Funcom, but I dont know what came out.

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Then the author will probably have permission. After all, the book cover alone would be a copyright infringement.

I have the ok of Funcom for this picture. I asked them a half year ago, as I began to write this book. So all is gone the right way :wink:

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Just remember that Conan Properties International LLC (part of Cabinet Entertainment) guards the Conan IP quite jealously. Whether they actually own or control the IP is up to debate and at least some court cases, but you might run into trouble with them.

You should not forget that Funcom does not have the rights to the Conan brand. They have allowed you to post a fanfiction to the game, but not to sell it, you’re committing a crime.

A crime ? Are you serious ?

I think at this point the discussion can be closed.
The user was in touch with Funcom

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