Conan Exiles dev stream: Bow Changes, Katana

I would like to know, after watching the last Dev stream. Why the arrows are not more powerful. It takes 20 arrows to kill 1 NPC. Nobody can survive more than 3 or 4 arrows, surely.

Before the game launched on May, bow&arrow used to be more dangerous as IRL, so, Inagine you spending hours to craft your gear, then you find an enemy player that specced for archery, he/she could kill you with 2 or 3 arrows depending on your health pool. (This still can be done with some more arrows if you have 50 points in ACC and a God like aim for moving targets) :stuck_out_tongue:

Even making sense since there is a style of play, this is too unforgiving regarding its a survival game, if CE was like Chivalry, it wouldn’t be a big deal since you just ressurect and go for the battle again without needing to re-craft all your gear.

I am the type of player who favors the stealth gameplay, so bows is one of my favorite weapons, but I came to realise that in this game bows shoudlnt be so strong because of the points I mentioned.

One thing tho, I would like to see, its the Accuracy Perks being reworked, so the ones who spec for ranged dmg get a more rewarding playstyle, because the current ones isnt that fun like in STR, Agi or Vit.

Bows indeed got some love in Test Servers, but still, Perks must be looked at, because one that goes deep on accuracy line, won’t find Ranged playstyle fun as melee is.


Especially more than one arrow to the knee


No where during the stream did it take 20 arrows to take down an NPC. Where are you getting that from?

The damage it takes to take down an enemy is impacted by the enemy health and other defenses, the tier of the bow, the tier of the arrows, where the arrow hits (headshot or not), what type of attack is chosen (light attack, heavy shot, or charged heavy shot), server settings (making enemies easier or tougher to kill) and the types of perks chosen. Those all will impact how many arrows it will take.

It took over 20 arrows for me to kill an NPC on top of a tower. I never said it was in the video.

You said after watching the dev stream and gave no indication at all that this was on test live in a personal play test, hence why I asked.

You should also include more data, like all the things I mentioned. What type of NPCs, what bow, what arrow, type of server settings, etc. If you told me you took a bunch of bow arrows and went after Votaries, for example, with a stone bow, then ya, obviously it’s going to take a while. If the values need to be adjusted, then they need to be adjusted, but you gave no relevant data to help with that.

I think you used a very low gear bow, low arrows.

I killed rocknose with 3-4 arrows, this with a light hyrkanian bow, and iron-arrows.
But like Multigun wrote, all depends how you shoot, ligh or heavy shot, if heavy how long you hold, and of course, where you hit, and if. :wink:

I’m currently testing, and use often bows in my games.

No human. Or humanoid should be able to take 20 shots from a bow and arrow. Even if shooter has no skill. I get the different levels of NPC etc and different bows. But come on. 20 direct hits?

It’s a video game based on gear, levels, and perks. It’s also not realistic to carry around foundations that weigh 100x what a human person would be in your backpack. It’s also not realistic that you need to hack a boss enemy 1,000 times with a powerful sword. Realism isn’t the objective here, it’s a video game.

In order for your feedback to be more helpful and relevant, it would be good for people to know what weapons you are using, what enemy you are fighting, what arrows tiers, what server settings, the type of attacks chosen, level of your character, and the perks you chose. Based on Vattende’s feedback, it sounds like it’s working as intended.

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Thanks for your feedback. And pointing out that it’s a video game. :grin:

Hey Philh77!

It’s true what Multigun says, we need more information for your feedback to be relevant. Could you tell us what type of bow you were using, what enemies you were fighting, what arrows you were using, and what your Attribute stats were when you were fighting?

The more detailed you can be about this when providing feedback the better :slight_smile:

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