Conan Exiles RP-Showcase YOUR Server!

Well a lot has changed with the long awaited SORCERY arriving at last! The RP community of private modded servers weathered the storm quite well with minimal downtime on most servers thanks to the astonishing modding community this game boasts! So the world of roleplay in Conan Exiles is alive and well! And the mods just keep getting better.

Have I mentioned Savage Wilds? Are you burned out on the Exiled Lands Map? Never warmed up to Isle of Siptah? Then try out the amazing 100% original modded map of Savage Wilds created by the fantastic Wild Cypher team. It is as beautiful and challenging as any map a AAA studio could hope to put together and, IMHO, vastly superior for the roleplaying community of Conan Exiles.

Take a peek!
Savage Wilds

And then join their Discord! Savage Wilds

The RP community of this game has something for everyone. Come join us!

Conan Exiles RP

Immortal Realms RP

"**__Immortal Realms RP__** 
- 30 until more people come (Maxed System, Never Lag or Crash!)
- **__Discord Link:__**

RP As a Human, Mage, Orc or Elf! Creating our own Lore and starting new! If you enjoy WoW stuff, Events, & Friendly RP-PVPVE (no ERP) come check us out! Harder difficulty to work with others, increase level to 120!
No PVP Base Dmg, No KOS (RP it), Warzones"```


       |Info|                                     |Mods/Server|
|♛ PVP - RP Based                  |♛ Fresh NEW server
|♛ 60 FPS Always                   |♛ WoW Feeling with  Races & Kingdoms
|♛  Lvl 120 Max                    |♛ Some Server Waypoints
|♛ Amazing Daily Events            |♛ Character Customization vendors to give your character that perfect look
|♛ Purges On                       |♛ In-Game Lore Made (Not AoC Focused)
|♛ Raids/Dmg Off                   |♛ Starter Kits
|♛ 20ish Mods                      |♛ Mods Download Automatically
| ♛ No Admin Abuse!                |♛ Quality of Life Mods! Organizing, Messenger Birds, RP Building, Thrall Remote (Like Ark)"

Der Tales of Avalor - Story [Voice] RP Server öffnet bald die Tore!

Wir bieten euch einen deutschsprachigen Story RP Server, der seinem Namen alle Ehre machen möchte. Gemeinsam erleben und formen wir eine Geschichte und kreieren viele witzige, epische oder auch traurige Momente. Alles, was zu authentischem aber dennoch fantasiegetriebenen Rollenspiel dazugehört.

Was ihr euch bieten:

~ Erfahrenes Adminteam & Storyteller
~ eine fesselnde Mainstory + viele Sidestories
~ die Möglichkeit, euch in den Verlauf der Geschichte einzubringen
~ regelmäßige Event
~ hauseigene Mod mit kleinen Extras & dadurch entstehendes RP
~ Viele Möglichkeiten, den Charakter zu individualisieren
~ ausgearbeitetes Berufssystem
~ Levelboost auf 120
noch vieles mehr, was es zu entdecken gilt!

Schaut doch auf unserem Discord vorbei und werdet Teil der Community!

New Lordore RP PvE-C (PC)

Are you interested in a server serious about roleplaying? One that will cater to your characters roleplay needs and enable opportunities to be within the server stories and events, and even run your own events? We advocate helping players achieve the roleplay they desire however they need it (within reason/the rules).

New Lordores community are seeking fun roleplayers of different styles to fill their player-built villages, run their kingdoms and fulfill the occupations. Villains and quirky characters are most welcome, thiefs and mercenaries too.

We have low fantasy races available with perks, flaws and abilities. We have a custom made school of magic to enroll in. Would you like to perform rituals, become a necromancer or perhaps a wild whisperer and tame magical beings?

Custom racial dungeons and quests are in the making and we always welcome new ideas from our players.

-Fantasy server with Low fantasy races with perks/flaws/abilities
-Custom content for low fantasy races
-Difficulty is higher for a challenge, to balance the mods
-Mods are low in space (13gb) and cater to roleplay (such as Emberlight, Devious Desires, TOT Custom, Indrids, Beyon Mods, Indrids & more)
-Kingdoms system with villages
-Occupations to fulfill for trading and earning
-Extended roleplay magic
-Events, quests and custom dungeons (WIP)
-Giveaways and auctions
-Player led roleplay
-Populated UK server but with players from around the world (South Africa, US, Philippines, Europe)
-Roleplay based competitions and rewards e.g. story competitions



Lordore Wiki

Lordore Video

Conan Exiles RP is still here and still going strong, the place to find roleplaying private servers since the dawn of the game. With the death of Enjin you can now post your server ads on the far superior Guildtag website we maintain here:

And please join us at our discord here:

Hello. I tried to use the Discord invite link above, but it’s expired. Is the Discord still active and, if so, can the link please be updated?

Discord: Oblivion

Oblivion is one of the few remaining mechanical RP-PvP conflict servers in Conan Exiles. Our lore is inspired by the great and expansive Dungeons and Dragons universe; We do not intend to replicate a true table top experience and the setting is purely there to be the lore of the world for which you play within.

We pride ourselves on our immersion and anti-metagaming policies and our focus is to create an experience with amazing server performance and minimal lag which we have been managing incredibly well to date.

Unlike most other roleplay servers we have absolutely tonnes of content for you to engage in, with researches to increase your power, unique and custom magical items. 70+ races to choose from including roleplay acquired races such as Demons, Devils, Hags, Mindflayers and more!

What we provide:

:diamonds: Best performing server on Conan Exiles to date.

:diamonds: One of the few remaining mechanical PvP conflict servers.

:diamonds: High quality roleplay community with a focused immersion policy and various anti metagame mechanics.

:diamonds: Custom made and server tailored map, server and decoration mod.

:diamonds: A wide variety of racial choices to meet all character creation needs.

:diamonds: Extensive and easy to understand character progression mechanics and rituals.

:diamonds: Server giveaways including art commissions, character miniatures, steam gift cards, Crom Coins and more!

Hello, Alexandria!

I am running a full-RP server but am not using discord. And for some reason I’m not ever going to.
Can I still advertise my server on enjin forums?

While you can’t advertise on the Discord without having first placed an ad on the website the reverse is not true. You are very much welcome to utilize the website alone. Tho Enjin is long gone. We are at Guildtag now and it’s far better.

OH my bad! Conan Exiles RP And I’ll fix it on the OP as well. Thanks for the shout out!

Details of the server I own and run

Server Name: Kingdom of the House Phoenix Royal Hellknights

Server Region: US NYC

Server Type: RP-PVP

Server Lore: Custom Conan lore

Age Restriction: 18+

Server Modlist: Vanilla

Direct Connect:

Kingdom of the House Phoenix Royal Hellknights

Server Description: RP focused, with ample opportunity for PVP. We strive to avoid server wipes, and lore wipes are not something we plan on, nor are mods. We feature our own lovingly crafted server lore designed to fit with existing established Conan Lore. We accommodate multiple RP styles and would love to weave you and/or your clan into our ever-evolving world. We have a territory, city, alliance, and trade system, wars on occasion to mix things up and keep it exciting, and weekly events to keep it interesting. We highly encourage player driven content to supplement ours, and are always open to suggestions, with an active and involved mod team and highly responsive admin whom can be reached virtually any time. We look forward to continuing to grow and evolve! We have a massive server wide event every summer! Check in for details or message me! Server transfers are enabled.

Server Discord Invite: Kingdom of The House Phoenix Royal Hellknights

Anarchy and Beauty (Full-RP) Survival Server

Roleplay your character while dare to survive!

  • You are weaker, mobs are stronger
  • RP mandatory, Global chat is off
  • Melee 24\7, target lock is off
  • Build without limitations
  • Fight for the resources
  • Challenging rates

More detailed info: Anarchy and Beauty (Full-RP) | Conan Exiles RP

We’re still here and still having a marvelous time despite all the challenges Funcom likes to throw at us! LOL Come meet and mingle with server owners, modders, players and talk about your favorite Conan obsessions as well as shopping for or promoting the servers you love!

Trying to join the discord, as I’d like to shop around for RP servers now that I have a computer that runs the game like a beauty, but alas, I seem to keep running into this problem.

I own and operate the Threads of Fate Conan rp server. We are a PVE/dice combat server so that it keeps everything fair and rp has the ability to have consequences and not everyone who is great at mechanical combat just runs everything.

I am not sure what to put here that people will want to know, so I will just talk a bit about how I set up the server and why and give you some pro/cons about us compared to other servers.

I really wanted a server with low drama and where the admins could be held accountable of they did something crappy. However, I also wanted quality players over every player that comes through the doors.

That being said, you have to go through a two step process to play here. Creation of a character app in discord to be approved first, then an in-game approval by staff to make sure you aren’t just playing something that is nothing like your approved app, but also isn’t an eyesore to every other player. IE: creating weird abomination characters that are just cursed for no reason.

We are currently also looking to pick up more staff with the players, so if you are an experienced admin looking for a home, come play a while and see if you like our vibe and we can talk about a staff spot.

What makes us good:

We care about our builds and player experience. We take suggestions where it can be implemented and makes sense and have a very easy process to make the suggestions to staff.

Low drama

We are established. We have been a server for over a year and we aren’t going anywhere.

What makes us bad (to some):

Longer character creation

We allow ERP

Small staff (for now) so applications can take longer than other servers sometimes.

Check us out here:

Threads of Fate

Our Discord

Hello! I hope you’ll come advertise your server in our actual spaces of

… still unable to join the discord. I’d really love to know why this is.

we are good people to play

uniros a mi servidor de conan exiles

server ESPAÑA
password ESPAÑA