Conan is an Imposter, a pretender, a minnow of a man

Directions: BP_DialogueBaseNPC_Conan > Mesh > Transform > Scale (set to 1.2)

Please redress this grave transgression, all lore is lost with such puny heroes. Not just some lore, but All Lore. I lit a match on his head, having mistook him for a stuffed imp. But then lo! He spoke, pretending to be the king and savior of Hyboria. I drubbed him over the head, turned him from the tavern to look up the skirts of sand-hags and desert dogs.

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no one could ever replace arnald as conan, i was sad that they used the new puny barbaarian. they could give us an option in the game to replace his sprite with the real conan i think or i wish anyways

I would like to see Conan be more of a badass. Maybe he could occasionally run around and kill all the other thralls in the tavern, or get drunk and fall on his face, or challenge you to a duel whereby he kills you and loots your body if/when you lose…