If you had to pick one actor to start playing Conan in a movie/show who would it be (no arnie or jason)

Who would be your ideal actor to play Conan right now if they decided to start an official live action series,
who other then Arnold and Jason do you think would fit the roll perfect?

This is just a fun topic


Kevin Hart. No wait… Ryan Reynolds… no wait… Chris Pratt.
Eh, I’ll take all 3 playing different times in Conan’s life…


Why not all three at the same time


Even better!

I don’t know if a horse could hold all three - but having them all punch a camel at the same time would be funny…

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Or all three doing the lamentation speech side by side :rofl:


If they moved the time line forward from the original movies…Kevin Nash.

Henry Cavil. He is already man of steel and Witcher but I can imagine him as Conan too. I like this actor because he does the role perfect but the role does not follow him if you understand what I mean. I just cannot imagine the actor of Harry Potter to play a different role, I don’t even know his name, for me he will always be Harry Potter :rofl:.


Danny deVito.

  • The movie has a framing story: A king, played by deVito, is talking to an to an enemy king, e. g. the king of Nemedia.
  • The rival king talks down to King deVito, telling him of how he’s a weak king and that soldiers are led by courage and strength.
  • King deVito then tells of how in the past, kingdoms were taken and even founded by might alone.
  • He tells that the greatest among these conquerors was Conan, who took the throne of Aquilonia by being the biggest, meanest guy in the land.
  • We see past Conan punch camels, “conquer” women and hack people apart with his sword. Some random muscle man actor will do fine for this part, little acting required or even wanted.
  • In the end, Conan takes his place on the throne of Aquilonia.
  • The framing story sets back in. We learn that Danny deVito is the King of Aquilonia, and that people call him Conan.
  • The rival king expresses doubt about the story: How can small, plump Danny deVito have been a tall, strong guy in his youth? He must be lying!
  • Conan confirms these doubts: He never was a big, strong guy. He’s a small, smart guy, but it’s the winner who writes history.
  • He then reveals how while he told the story and the rival king was wasting time listening to him, Conan’s army killed his bodyguards and prepared to capture him.
  • Conan then asks the rival king if he likes the story of how Conan conquered his kingdom by sheer guile, I mean, strength.

I’d buy a ticket

To be perfectly honest, I dont feel that anyone in Hollywood is up to the task. Time to source some fresh talent. I personally would suggest scouting someone from world of bodybuilding as they did with Arnold, or some talent from the MMA heavy weight division.


I bet an Independent company probably could make a decent film. Conan does not need many special effects anyway, just good writing, acting, set pieces/locations and costumes.


In fact, the less effects, the better. It’s a low magic world - no need for dragons, fire throwing wizards or unrealistic scenery.

What I really want is the King Conan movie I’ve been waiting for for 40 years, but if I can’t pick Arnold that wouldn’t work

I think my first choice would be Chris Hemsworth. He’s an absolute physical beast, and unlike some other superhero actors he actually enjoys the crazy work outs.

Dave Batista is big enough and is surprisingly good at acting considering he’s a former wrestler. He almost seems too wide for his height though, and I think he would be a better Gath of Ball from the Death Dealer series than Conan

Henry Cavil would probably be another great choice, although he’s smaller than the people mentioned previously he’s still in freakish shape

As a wildcard I think Manu Bennet would also be pretty awesome. Dude is super intense and a really hard worker


Victor Webster , Dwayne Johnson

Both already played barbarians …




Sacha Baron Cohen in a humanized version of this :grin:


There will only ever be one Conan.

I seem to remember years and years ago, another Conan with Arnie was in the works, to have been called King Conan Cross of Iron? Then much later, they said that they wanted that wrestler, The Rock, to play Conan. I guess all that fell away haha.


I’ll probably go to hell for that but… I think it has to be a black female playing conan :smiley:

(and now thinking seriously about it I realize it would totally work :slight_smile: )

Well, you’re not wrong.