Conan issues once again

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance: SUCKS ]
Region: [US]

Hello Funcom

This would be the 3rd thread i made with no results. Oh and I sent an email to HTTP://HELP.FUNCOM.COM and that link does not work of course. I’ve owned Conan Exiles UK version for about 4 months. The first couple of weeks of me playing the game I’ve been experiencing CONSTANT bugs, glitches and the game crashing. I made multiple threads about it because the issue wasnt resolved. And still till this day no issues with the game have been resolved.

Every other game that I have on my xbox one the creators of the game actually care about their customers and make updates. I have over 30 games on my harddrive and Conan is literally the only game that NEVER did an update on the ALL THE ONLGOING ISSUES that so many customers have been complaining about.

I even took the initiative to take pictures of the bugs and sent them to funcom, what more is needed?? This is extremely frustrating for those who spent $$ on a BROKEN GAME. GIVE US A TIME OR DATE THESE ISSUES WILL BE FIXED. IF NOT JUST LET EVERYONE THAT YOU RIPPED THEM OFF

Hi @MrPharaoh92, we’ve provided an update regarding the current situation on console, you may find further information in the post below:

To clarify regarding the link posted above, we’re only providing support for Conan Exiles through the forums at this time and not through email, which is indicated after selecting the game as an option in that page:

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