Conan needs more thrall variety- Thrall ideas

compared to ark i feel as if conan lacks in its main component the thralls there just isn’t enough variety among them besides the unique named thralls what other types are there? Trying for an ark like style dossier for my ideas each with their own unique spins

Siege master

Siege masters take care of trebuchets for exiled base camps he is a weak fighter and prefers to be at range with a bow in regular combat
Broken-siege masters can be used to operate trebuchets or other siege items like the siege cauldron to protect your base depending on the siege machine you will have to have more siege masters operating them.

Body guards are usually protecting exiles who are well known jon the tinkerer from new asagarth is well known for his body guards who will die for him
Broken- Body guards can be given to other thralls in your camp to guard them or you can use them

Usually found around the cities of sepermuru the merchants of the exiled lands tend to go off on their own every now and then to find wares to sell
Broken- Merchants when broken can be sent out on expeditions to find certain artifacts or resources or they can be given items to sell in a store

these individuals are usually seen training others telling them to do push ups and so on
Broken- these trainers when broken will help keep your thralls in shape giving them bonuses or even leveling up thralls in a certain way that you want

Usually seen leading four others the captains are never alone they are feared with his soldiers never leaving his side.
Broken- Captains can be used during a battle to bring in a squad of soldiers to a location you can customize who you want to follow him whether it archers or a whole squad of fighters if left out on the field for too long however he will go back to base ( which could possibly be a wheel of pain or a special type of building you can build to house them which can eliminate thralls being left out in the field )

Just one mans thoughts an ideas

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They’re all interesting ideas, but I feel like they’re magnitudes beyond what Thralls will ever be able to do - currently they can’t even defend themselves reliably when directly attacked.


Unfortunately I think the AI is too dumb and incomplete for most of those dreams to become a reality. Don’t get me wrong, I love those ideas, but the logistics don’t seem feasible with the way they are broken now.

On the other hand, something people have been advocating for some time is a Musician, and there might be hope in the near future for that. Suggestion: Thrall musicians and placeable food!

I wish at least they do something like talk to each other like they do wen they are wild! Before some smartass lure a giant spider to kill all my 50+ thralls i wish they do little interactions instead just look at me wen i close! simple things like little animations os yawning, look around, put hand in the forehead to see far, etc. Simple thinks so we feel the immersion on the game!

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Yes! these would not be hard whatsoever for them to code in and would significantly add to the ‘Settlement’ vibe that they had once announced. Another popular suggestion was to be able to choose which dances our entertainers did, or have them based off of which tribe they come from.

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Well with the new pet system I think a few ideas:

Cook(Okay we have those, but basically they would now disable the feeding requirements for thralls within their influence radius when placed on a stove or campfire, as presumably they would “Gather and cook food” for your fellow thralls…

Beast Master(Similar to the Cook, but feeds your pets for you, perhaps increasing the feeding radius of the food troughs… Perhaps healing your pets as well, like a sort of vet)

Farmer(Give planters room for a thrall, adding a farmer causes the planter to generate seeds.)

Bee Keeper(Give hives a thrall slot, since they’re gonna need “Fuel” now, I think having a thrall that just automatically generates more bees would be good.)

Those could definitely work! We had been asking for something along those lines for the dryer as well, to help reduce fuel costs. Any workbench thrall definitely adds to the immersion of a living base. Those may seem even more important now if we’re prevented from having dancers and guards all around.


Miner (mines ore)

Hunter (goes out and brings back food)

Farmer (crops)

I would love to send thralls out to scavenge materials. Kind of silly being king of my own castle but I have to go chop wood and mine ore. I have a castle full of thralls that give me the deer in the headlights look.

This worked out this what i was originally going for i wanted people to send their own ideas for thralls yesss lol they are all great ideas guys love to see bigger ones just to see where everyones imagination of the game can go lol

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