Harvest thralls and better thralls


So with baby sitting thralls now. The thralls need more for them to do. Also all thralls fight. Thralls has to be knock out again if own by a player and have the thralls will broken agaiin on wheel of pain. All thralls inventory has been increase by x10.

Alchemist: Looks though plots and chest to keep crafting same items.

Archer and fighters can be set to hunting parties to gather food for thralls.

Armorer repairs armor.

Bearer:has x3 the normal thrall inventory space. So on top of (thralls spacex10)x3. They are basic storage.

Blacksmith repairs weapons.

Carpenter repairs bows. And cuts down trees.

Cook makes sure all meat is cooked. Also makes sure all feed thrall bins are full.

Dancers adds a small 3 defense and attack buff.

Priest adds bonus health to dancers.

Smelter and Tanner makes sure there burning resource in furnace and tannery. Checks with blacksmith and armorer to see if they need resources for repairs.

Taskmaster all thralls gain health bonus when taskmaster around.


yep…but its very complicated mate…really…need AI algorythms and etc, so maybe in Conan 2


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