Conan through my NOOB eyes

So, it’s been a little over a month of playing Conan and overall I’m happy. Not just with the game, but the overall community here has been great. I’ve been playing with a few Exile Veterans that have not only gifted me with all types of stuff, they have also given me a load of advice, and entertainment. I realize there’s still a lot for me to learn, I realize as well that Conan has a long history…and many of you probably experienced it. After putting in quite a few hours this month I thought I’d share a few ups and downs.

Invisible animals, both enemy and pet, is probably the most…uh visible… problem I face daily. A few “Ghost Dogs” here and there don’t bother me like they used to. My first couple playthroughs were frustrating though. Now it’s my pets…a Rhino and Camel specifically. Now that I think about it I was malled by a couple of “Invisible Rhinos” the other day…

Clothing is another big gripe I have. Just more options would be nice. Sure it would be great to just add whatever perk to whatever piece of clothing at craft, or at a Tinkerer’s Bench, but the illusion system is a reasonable compromise. I would just like to see more options for clothing and armor. Oh and displaying the perks for Armor BEFORE CRAFTING, would be nice too.

Overall I’m really enjoying myself, not much complaining…as if anyone cares really. I’ve been taking my time learning the map and all the mechanics. Sometimes I just sit and watch the sun rise and set… It’s a very beautiful game. I enjoy finding little secrets, from chest to rare materials. Being an Exile isn’t so bad… through my NOOB eyes…and I’m sure there are hard working people trying to make it better. Keep up the good work, and stop the bad work :slightly_smiling_face:




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