ConanSandBox.exe Uses Over 2.3 Million K Memory After ALT + Tabbing (Task Manager)

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[I bought Conan Exiles after the free Steam weekend. I have played for over 50 hours at high settings without any significant in-game problems. However, whenever I ALT+TAB while the game is running to open up a browser and check something on the Internet or to submit a bug report, I cannot get back into the game. Eventually, I have to open up Task Manager to kill the process, which can take up to 10 minutes. Tonight I noticed that Task Manager indicated that the ConanSandBox.exe process was using over 2.3 million K memory. I play many AAA titles on medium-high to high settings on Steam, Origin, and Ubisoft and I’m able to ALT + TAB from a game, use an Internet browser, and return to the game without any problems. Conan Exiles is the only game in my library that is behaving this way. ]

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Play Conan Exiles
  2. ALT + TAB from game to Windows Desktop
  3. Unable to return to game
  4. Check Windows Task Manager

First, let’s say that Alt-Tabing was and is still an issue for some users with some games.

I know there was troubles with that in the past, and in EA i had problems myself with game-freeze when i Alt-tabed.
Still is doing much better now, and i can mostly use it without any issue.
Like still, if i’m actively gaming, play for good, i avoid having open to many software and other stuff. But of course, i use it also for bug-reports, checks and such out of that.

It’s very strange the time it takes to close the game for you with taskmanager when this happens. And i never mentioned that memory went nuts after Alt-tabing on my side.

So here to, the standart questions:

  • do you use mods, i see it’s a privat server
  • did you file-check on steam ?
  • are all your drivers up-to-date ?
  • make sure no other software block the game (anti-vire, firewall and such)
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The only time I’ve ever had this happen is when I alt-tabbed out, forgot the game was running, and came back to it 8 hours later.

Also, the game using 2.3GB of RAM isn’t unusual. That actually sounds like a pretty normal standard for the scope of the game. It was very likely using that much before you ALT-TABbed out.

As Vattende stated, it could just be a driver or antivirus software issue too. Always exclude trusted games from your antivirus software. This not only helps to improve performance, but will keep a false positive from ruining your gaming experience. I personally exclude the entire Steam directory, as Steam has already vetted the software before it’s released.
Then download the latest driver from your GPU manufacturer. Run the installer with Admin rights by right-clicking and choosing “Run as Administrator”. Then don’t use the standard install options. Choose “Advanced” or “Custom” installation. Un-tick the bloat-ware (3DVision, GeForce Experience, AMD Gaming Evolved, ect.). There should also be a box in advanced settings for “Perform a clean installation”. Make sure this is ticked.

I alt-tab from the game all the time, and the only time I’ve ever run into this issue without leaving the client minimised for many hours, is when I tabbed out while logging into a server once. Pretty sure that it was due to a mod the server was using too.


Indeed, all very good advices here !

GeForce can be very heavy in the back, so are different other softs around.
I avoid more and more all such things, but that’s of course a personal choice.
Drivers can be tricky, sometimes a new one is better, but happens also you have to rollback. All configs are different, so it’s hard to tell. What is working for one, will not give still the same results to others.

Ah, and if ever you run AMD, it may be worth checking some older treads like this:

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Are you using full screen, or windows full screen? I had all kinds of issues with full screen mode (happens in most games I play). Since I changed to windowed full screen (hate games that dont have that now), I have no more issues. Also 2.3GB is roughly what the game uses on my system too. Thats fairly normal for a game of this size.

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I agree, windowed mod can be handy, and i like it when games come with that mod.

Still for very immersive gaming, i prefer fullscreen if possible, but use windowed when i do stuff beside, like bug posting. Windowd should mostly also be slightly perf friendlier. But depends the game i think, and how it’s handled. But it should never make a big different anyway.

And like you said, 2.3 GB is fair and what most systems will use for run this game.

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Agree completely, @Vattende, but one thing you said perplexed me.

How does fullscreen differ from windowed fullscreen for immersion? I used windowed completely, avoiding alt-tab problems or delays (differing resolutions), so have not tried a comparison.

Thanks, in advance, for the enlightenment !


Visually there is no difference between windowed fullscreen and fullscreen. I use windowed fullscreen cause I use 2 monitors, So very handy to look stuff up as I play, or even talk/browse whatever while I play.


Thanks, @dakka, I used to do the same, but switched to projectors and a LazyBoy :relaxed:

I was wondering if something had changed since my two monitor days, good to know.

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There is windowed fullscreen, and windowed windowed, to make it simple.

With second option you may have the taskbars and such, it’s a choice, and handy dependng what you do on your pc at this moment.
I think each should try the different version, and figure out what is working best for them, and when.
Total fullscreen is indeed more immersive, but let you fewer control while gaming over your entire system, this still depending your config.

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