Concentrated Anima Jet tool tip promises a bit too much

With green gadget and dps AA:

With red gadget and heal AA:


What’s the issue about that?

It heals for roughly 6,5% to 8% of what it promises.

Tool tip for green one (with dps AA) says it heals for 573, but it healed for about 37.
Tool tip for red one (with heal AA) says it heals for whopping 11070, but it healed for about 900.


Ok that’s definitely a bug. I’ve had someone also saying something similar to this, but they were not sure it wasn’t because of Martyrdom. In any case, yep, definitely a bug. Dem bugs.

I thought the post was a pretty clear representation of the problem. Someone mentioned that in game, too.

It was, i just somehow missed the “logs” part in the pictures.

Can i hijack the thread and also tell that the True Ancile of the Sali gadget’s range is also too short for a healer gadget? The Anima Jet’s range got increased in one of the latest patches, i wish the Ancile could get the same range as a proper healing gadget should have.