Concerns about the current Testlive balancing

So I’m coming at this judgement of the current patch from the perspective of a mostly PvP focused player, and I want to preface by saying that I like the direction of the new roll. The concept of a slow rise after a roll is I think a good solution to the roll currently being a get out of jail free card with almost no consequence if you don’t run out of stamina.

Starting off on a positive note, horses are amazing and I was expecting to have a lot of concerns about them but from my experience so far it just makes me excited to try them more in PvP.

So my biggest concern for the new roll (and the new sluggish movement in general) is claws and daggers, their movement is so quick and sudden that it kind of makes the movement feel stupid. Claws in particular need to be fixed or temporarily removed on this update, because it’s near impossible to escape stagger-lock from claws now even if you have a full stamina bar.

Also while it is nice giving Agility a second more fitting purpose, I’m concerned that it will not be possible to get dodge rolling to be in a good and balanced place. For instance the current roll feels too short, especially in PvE (or versus a 2h Hammer spamming light 2 hit combos) and I think it would feel better if it was longer like the old light-roll. However if you keep Agility how it is, while having long rolls, then people can keep their get out of jail free card and it feels gimmicky. I may be wrong and it’s possible to tweak it to feel good but at the moment having no agility influence and focusing on the roll being a good escape that you take a moment to recover from feels better to me. However in saying this, I love the direction the devs are going in trying to create opportunities to punish mistakes and make people have to commit to decisions.

Now lastly to keep this from being too big of a post I’ll avoid discussing the new direction raiding is going and my problems with it and focus on movement. The new inertia system is a nice fix to people changing direction spastically, however it feels muuuch too slow. My main 2 issues are just that it feels like acceleration is fixed and not proportional to your top speed (i.e It feels like it takes forever to go from a stand-still to sprinting even if you start when holding shift), and that with how it’s currently coded if you run straight and tap A and D alternately you slow to a halt instead of there just being inertia to your sideways movement.
I believe these 2 issues are big contributors to why the current movement feels far too sluggish and I’d be keen to see how it feels with just those 2 changes.

I’m curious to see what others think about these concerns and I reeeally hope that claws are dealt with or temporarily removed for the official release. Thank you.

Hello @nooby442, thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us!

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