Concussive damage from armor still not applying to the player...4-5 months after the issue was discovered. You gotta be kidding me

Continuing the discussion from New Concussive Damage Bonus on armor working for Thralls but not Player:

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Can confirm that.
Guess we just gonna welcome the newest member of the “decorative” family -
decorative stats !

That is absolutely not the case, never was…

I would be very surprised if you’d manage that :slight_smile:

I was having this issue WITH all sorts of mods on. Considering chance of me and the op using the same mod that causes the same problem is low, I presumed it’s a vanilla bug.

Now that you mentioned it, I will test it WITHOUT mods then.

I think you were just mislead by the interface. If I remember correctly then the Stats page does not add armor bonuses so they’ll never show there, however they still apply when actually hitting something with a concussive weapon and they always have.
Here’s a quick example:

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Thank you for making a detailed video showcase and analysis, very helpful.
It’s a bummer that it’s not shown in stats.
However, as I counted it, 16hits without Skelos Master vs 14hits with it really doesn’t make as much difference as one would expect from +40% concussive damage. I guess that’s what deluded me.
Anyway, the video just convinced me into taking off the Skelos Master I have been wearing ever since AoS and try something new :joy:

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