Concussive damage is not working

So I was playing on single player yesterday and everything was working fine, so, Like have done several times now,I rented a G-portal server so I could play with my friends.

What we found out however was htat concussive damage was not doing ANYTHING. Only when I added my self admin privileges, and added Steel truncheon with blunted fittings upgrade was I finally able to knockout tier 1 exile fighters with like 20 hits (with the strength tier perk that increases concussive damage 100%).

Can anyone tell me what could cause this issue?



Nevermind, apparently G-portal’s “Basic Setting” descriptions for said settings are in several places completely wrong.

Under “ConciousnessGamageMultiplier” it says:
“Mulplies the amount of damage taken by a thrall while unconscious”

however, what it actually DOES, is multiplier for the damage of concussive damage itself.

My sincerest apologies, I was bamboozled by G-portal, sorry.

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