Concussive Damage

I have noticed many times that the stronger the thrall, the faster he knocks out the enemy. However, the wiki says that the concussive damage caused by truncheons is independent of strength. How to combine this?

I think speed of knocking a npc out always has faster with strength, so maybe the wiki is just wrong on this point :slight_smile:
As an example, I had 2 T3 bearer thralls fully levelled with Szeth’s truncheon trying to knock out the wandering berserker, after some time he gave up on them and just walked away, maybe he was thinking… I don’t have time for this shit :joy:

But, again, we have the famous table of concussive damage for different truncheons and blunt arrows, and nowhere does it say that it varies depending on strength.
So the wiki is not wrong, I think.
Perhaps this means that it does not depend on the CHARACTER’s strength?

because it doesn’t… your thralls still have melee multipliers though, which applies to truncheons all the same.

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That is, if you take two identical thralls, one is not leveled, and the other is leveled with a strong strength bonus, will they knock out the same?

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