Conditional Religion Trainers

Another thing I’m baffled about Conan Exiles is the easiness of getting religion training from the religion trainers of the Exiled Lands (which is for free mind you, as long you found them). I mean, if I were to give religion training to anyone asking to me, then firstly I should need to have their seriousness and dedication proven by doing certain tasks or by presenting some sort of offering.

Which is the same I suggest, for the current religion trainers of the Exiled Lands to be revamped. Offerings might be the most straightforward way, with different trainers under different offerings. In example:

  1. Yog’s trainer might require an amount of human flesh be presented to him, in addition of some yellow lotus plants, hide and fangs.

  2. Set’s trainer could perhaps require you to harvest a number of poison glands from snakes.

  3. Ymir’s Trainer will require you to provide a number of human kills, as proven by the exact number of human skulls you must present.

  4. Derketo’s trainer might require to provide her with putrid meat, bones, hide and absinthe for some particular nasty ritual to be done…:cold_sweat:

But wait! There’s more…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Perhaps after presenting the required offerings of a particular trainer, there comes the final challenge: You’ll be transported into the dungeon of the religion’s god, battling certain number of foes (akin to Jhebbal Sag Grove). By slaying the final boss of the dungeon, only then the religion you want to learn from the trainer is considered learned.

P/S : So, do anyone of you wanna to have more dungeons added?:laughing: I think this is one way too that Funcom really can consider to add more of them.

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