Confusion regarding Alappaa instance mechanic


I’ve checked both AOU and the AO Wiki database and cannot find the answer to this question.

I try to run Alappaa solo on my 220 crat. I get all the way to the escort / ambush part and get through the first 4 unnatural ices waves. Always on the last one before the final boss my 220 gets hit with beams of light every second for about 4k damage.

This mechanic is neither mentioned in the AOU or the AODB wiki. What exactly triggers this and how can I avoid it?

I never hit the unnatural ices or sheila (the daughter). I don’t use any AoE abilities or nanos. I also don’t have it triggered until the final ambush waves. I can’t seem to figure out how to overcome this mechanic. Does anyone have any factual; proven information?


I am Fr00b. If noone explains you the strategy straight here, i can suggest watching Callos2 video archive.


The most likely answer: Sheila died. Been a while since it’s happened to me, but iirc you get a huge dot when that happens.


Yes, it is because Sheila is dying, in fact the specific nano is called…

Death of the Ice Maiden
You can read all about it here:

Edit: Btw, use all the AoE abilities you like, Sheila is the same side as the one that spawns her so you won’t get into mischief or accidentally tab her.


I have had that DOT happen few times, even the girl was still alive when soloing, never had it when dual logged tho so there might be time limit on doing escorting the girl.

And when the mezzo pops, calm the girl if she doesn’t run out, i had mezzo body insta rot several times bc girl got last hit.