Congo is complete?

Is the congo complete but unreleased? I was in a group the other day in doing a lair in shadowy forect and one of the people in the group mentioned that it was finished, I didn’t think to question them about it at the time, wish I had. Anyone know if it’s true.

As far as we know: No Congo is not finished. We don’T know anything about the state of congo but it is likely to assume if they had it they would push it as an update already.
You sometimes have people claiming inside knowledge and it always turns up false.

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Maybe it’s what tomorrow’s small update is about? Though even the most naïve part of me can’t stretch my expectations that far :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep. The new zone is a small patch of jungle which contains one NPC holding up a sign which reads “We were going to open a new Morninglight centre here but we ran out of money.” :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, that was my uncle who works at nintendo :v:


As far as anyone can tell they never even finished South Africa( there is at least one mission that never got into the game other than a couple NPCs you can chat with).

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They never even finished Tokyo, so it’s not surprising they’d leave South Africa incomplete.