Connection Suddenly Not possbile

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: Europe

Situation: I am hosting a dedicated server on a windows Server VIrtual machine at an IaaS Provider. I use SteamCMD to download and uppdate the conan exiles server app. After some initial grievances with ports I got the server up and running and my friends and I have been playing for two weeks straight with no issues. Even updating the server for the 25th of may update with Steam CMD worked fine.

But this morning enemys started to update their positions extremely late, hitting you from a dozen meters away. I was thinking it might be a memory leak issue and wanted to restart the server, look for new server software and see if it gets better.

So I closed the server software with Ctrl+C, I verified and updated again with SteamCMD just in case and then I simply restarted it. Nothing in the System or server configuration has changed.

And now nobody can log in :frowning:

The server log simply stops reporting after listing the Charcter IDs with the Guild Ids. And when trying to log in password seems to get accepted and the login process simply times out after quite a while (5-10 minutes? Havent timed it but I assume its your timeout default value).

The server still shows up in the steam list correctly after starting with all configuration values intact. Now here is the kicker. If I put in Ctrl+C in the server executable window, it will suddenly - without terminating - Flush probably hundreds of thousands of log messages alternating between:

LogNet:NotifyAcceptingConnection accepted from: [IP of a player trying to connect]
LogHandShake: SendConnectChallenge.

there is only a few milliseconds between those messages. So something during login is broken. After that I can try logging in again and ctr+C will produce another flush, again without terminating the server.

Help from the devs would be much appreciated. I hope you have all the information you need.

Oh, also we build a rather large castle and the server produces warning messages with bytes values regularly exceeding the recommended 1024 threshhold for a multitude of objects (ceilings, walls, foundations etc.). Is that a problem all in itself? Are you not allowed to build big structures (its a roomy castle, but its by no means huge, much smaller than any small town for a dozen players would be anyway). Can I somewhere configure the packet sizes the server accepts/sends ?