Consequences of the Agent Network


It just occurred to me that the existence of the agent network suggests we will be picking up the mission that Orochi Corp has thus far failed at by becoming mini-Orochi Corps. All they have to do is make some play out of resource acquisition/management and add Clash of Clans style army building and conflict system.

I could climb into that sandbox.


Given our eagerness to send squishy mundane agents into occult hotzones ■■■■■ nilly, I’d say we’re doing a great job at becoming mini-Orochi :slight_smile:


My recruit managed to kill two Phoenicians while stealing back a package they stole. I’d say she’s doing ok.


Could we get a like for poor ■■■■■ and ■■■■■ who are basically now “Those who shall not be named”…
Out! Out!! Damned spot out i say!

Poor Wonka and Adams :frowning:


elephants eh, hinting at the potential Season 2 location =)


So… a circus?


circus as personnel management simulation…



A circus! Reminds me of the standing joke we had… “What’s the difference between the Boy Scouts and Funcom? The Boy Scouts have adult supervision.” Hehe :smiley:


I would honestly expect nothing more from someone under your tutelage.


Soooo, what are the sensitive words being filters? I got the w i l l y in one post, but Meta-Moth had two and ?? what they are.


Actual names of people who can now not be named :frowning:


Consequence of the Agent Network : I can now quit the game just by typing P


Welcome to Management! :joy:

You are not allowed to use the old hamster wheels anymore…