Consider fixing broken Leyshrines

In order to get thralls efficiently, people want to build wheels of pain as close as possible to the leyshrines. This creates a lot of competition for real estate in these areas. Some of the upcoming NPC camps may aggravate that situation. In order to give folks more flexibility it would be great to activate the broken leyshrines. They serve no purpose currently, really.


I dunno, I think it’s nice that there are certain spots I can run to with a newly created character to get the delving bench recipe without risking an encounter with someone who summoned a surge and will attack me on sight :wink:


But then you get mobbed by skeletons, same thing

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If you think getting mobbed by skeletons is the same thing as getting ganked by a player, especially in the age of the horse+lance+cat meta, we’re not playing the same game.


I think the broken leyshrines have been taken over by the new NPC camps. I only visited one broken shrine and it had a cool NPC camp built into it. I can’t say so for all of them, but if there’s NPCs at one broken leyshrine, then there’s probably NPCs at the other broken leyshrines as well.

And in case anyone was wondering, the functional leyshrines were left alone; no NPC camps. So they are just like always (so far).


Yeah is all three derelict shrines are now Accursed Camps. Interestingly on one at least they fight the Skeletons when you get close enough to trigger them …?

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Not everything revolves around PvP

No, not everything revolves around PVP. As a PVE and PVE-C player, I’m profoundly aware of that. The flipside of that coin is that not everything revolves around PVE, either. :wink:


IMHO, core game mechanics should not suffer because people choose to be jerks on PvP. People have control over that. When balancing PvP vs. a core game progress mechanism, I would prioritize the latter because of that.

I agree, but I don’t see a core game mechanic that’s suffering. I see 3 functional Leyshrines and one person complaining that they want more. I’ve spent a whole bunch of time on Siptah and people were doing their surges just fine.

Also, this has nothing to do with people being jerks on PVP. The conflict between players is – surprise, surprise – a core mechanic on PVE-C and PVP servers. Riding into someone else’s surge and stealing their thralls, or even just scouting it out for other people, is common enough that some clans will adopt a policy of “stay away from my surge or be killed on sight”.

It was one of the best things about Siptah: summoned surges finally introduced a believable in-game motive for conflict. In Exiled Lands, fights between players are motivated by “because I can” mentality and stupid server drama. On Siptah, there was finally a real reason for conflict between players and clans. And now that’s going to go away thanks to NPC camps.

Yea, it may be a moot point with the upcoming NPC camps.

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