Leyshrines: Are some not functional?

I was going around looking at other leyshrines and noticed that some of them do not have that glow in the center where you craft an altar. Are some of the leyshrines not functional or is there an additional step to making certain leyshrines work.

So far, the southeast leyshrine works all the time. But what about the others?

Does anyone know?

As far as I know, there are three Leyshrines that are functional. The rest are there simply to learn the convergence trap and delving bench recipes.


There are three functional as CodeMage said. The others are there as part of lore.

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Ok, so if you want to build close to where you get Summoned Surge thralls, you have only three options?

Leyshrine with wolves, Leyshrine with skeletons, and a Leyshrine out in the open country close to the beach?

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Yep, I think those were the options. I kinda have a hard time keeping all those details in my head while I’m not actually inside the game where I can call up the map, but that sounds right to me :smiley:

Some leyshrines like Leyshrine of the Goblinoid are broken / run down (in a lore sense, not in the sense of a bug or game issue).

So there aren’t the full complement of leyshrines as there appear on the map.

I wish that these leyshrines coudl still be used, but they produced erratic results, such as they may summon monsters etc.

I think that would be really interesting mechanic. Like for example you could spend less of the ??? element at a busted leyshrine and still summon surges but they will be crazy random surges that could give you randomly good results or monsters or whatever. I think that would be very cool, and something I wish they could do.


Those leyshrines that work also have names/map markers. That should help you out with determining which ones you want to use.

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There are six leyshrines, 3 functional and 3 non-functional. All have map markers.

Maybe tell us the names of the functional ones, yes?

Currently standing in the dormant Layshire of the Drowned. :slight_smile:


Functional shrines, available only after the storm ends (blue vortex in the sky).


Me, I was trying not to spoil it… lol. I’ve been to a couple of the dormant ones and haven’t had the map markers pop. Guess I better stand on my head and do a dance or something to get it to work :laughing:

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