Consider Removing Potions After Event



These new potions that come with the event provide a new buff called hardy. This buff gives you an additional 100 HP.

When the event ends the majority of us will no longer have access to these potions as they will get used up.

Dupers will be able to keep an unlimited supply of them even after the event ends which gives them a real advantage over the rest of the server.

We have an issue with a clan of dupers on our server so I can see this becoming a real problem for us.


I would not stress too much. Last time duping caused an issue, Funcom patched and then deleted all orbs. They we’re the item being duplicated.

So these items should be dealt with in an appropriate manner.


Love the optimism, but we have a crew on our server right now that dupes anything, and everything that they want; legendary weapons, powder, epic armor, thralls, etc…

Can’t raid them now either because they’re under the mesh with a private map room to get out.

Just bringing it up because it’s going to be a problem. If it’s not a problem on your server today, it may be tomorrow.


Because someone is cheating, those who are not should have their potions removed?
Please stop. Don’t request punishment for those who are playing fair because some are not.


The problem is (or at least was during the orb duplication issue) that there is no way for Funcom to tell what is real and what is a duplicate. So you have a choice, remove all or let any duplicated item remain. I know I would prefer removal of all over letting those who dupped have an unfair advantage.


That’s how its always been handled with the wipes in Conan…everyone is affected and its because of a few select people who feel the need to cheat. The main reason they aren’t wiping right now to get rid of all the duped stuff (and YES, duping is happening right now) is because they either don’t know how to replicate it (because the dupers aren’t reporting it) or Funcom doesn’t know how to fix it (or they haven’t yet). They will not wipe until they know they can have it fixed.


PvP has already cost us too much.

I just cannot support more damage to the base game.


Yes, just take the latest changes. I wrote a massive topic about arrows, new and old ones, after hours of testing and showing numbers. And what has changed?

They nerfed Explosive Arrows, the only change, because it was “Too strong in PvP”. Explosive arrows had already almost no use in PvE, after this change even Serpent man arrow do more damage. They should change the arrow name once and for all, make it “Starmetal harvesting arrow” as its only purpose is to ignite tar if you are too lazy to craft fire orbs… which would still insane. Using Dragonpowder rather than volatile gland is just wrong.


The potions have an expiration timer if I’m not mistaken.


improved preserve box pauses the timer. actually works on all expiration times.


That’s kind of my point, but the pitchforks have already come out.

Players playing the game by the rules will use these potions up after the event anyways because new ones will no longer be available, and existing ones (outside of refrigeration) will expire.

The issue comes when dupers continue to dupe these potions after the event is over. If it was just random normal buffs there would be no issue, but this particular potion has a unique buff that adds 100 HP’s.

This will be a huge advantage for cheaters that didn’t exist before the introduction of this potion.

If no one else cares, then by all means ignore the problem. No harm done.


These potions are essentially random elixirs. I don’t think some people appreciate hard core PvP. Those people will have insane amounts of elixirs already and they won’t be relying on lottery versions of them to win at PvP. Leave the potions, delete them. Nothing changes.


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