Constant crashing 1.47

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Crash]
Region: [EU]

[Since the 1.47 patch my game keep crashing even when i déconnecte from the game back to the menu. Im on the server 3012 on On EU and it seems that im not the only one with this issue . I crash when i open containers,open wheel of pain,place buildings,even running too fast on my own base . Im aware that i have a pretty big structure but i saw way bigger ones without crashing but for some reason it only happen in mine. I didn’t crash this often outside my base but me and my friend get the same issue at the same time like 10 times in a row. It’s totally unplayable. I can’t even leave my own base. Its not a tecnical issue from my ps4,i have her brand new since like 4 month. And i have a high connexion . Can someone answer me ?

And by the way the error is (CE-34878-0) i keep signaling it .

Hello @Bizzonator, there’s an upcoming hotfix for consoles landing on the 13th that should address some of the crashes with the latest update.

In the meantime, the temporary workaround proposed the LordKAA seems to have helped mitigate the issue for some players, so feel free to try it out if you haven’t already:

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