Constant crashing after both patches

Whats wild is after 100 gigs of patches theres still so many stability issues for old gens which is like half of this games pop considering how little pop it has already…the most common cause for me is opening inventorys whether its mine, someone elses or a bench crashes me more than obelisks used to, then the inf loading screen is still there so once u crash you have to load once and exit the game and then load for a second time to actually be able to play. How do you expect people to play consistent when they lose kits to crashing from just opening an inventory or mid fight they crash and have to reload twice just to come back and re kit. On top of all this after 2 patches worth over 100 gigs bomb stability is still awful after constant crashing and frames freezing from bomb runs even after the so called patch notes that stated u fixed stability and performance issues…u guys aint fool no one we know u just typed that in there to make people feel better and the whole point was to fix ur new income source of the battlepass instead of improving ur game for players smh taking plays right from wildcard and look how well it turned out for them on console ark used to be one of the most popular games and is basically dead on console and yall playing with fire following the same path with an already low player base

Yup, I also played Ark up 'till the big crash, I removed the game from my xbox and have never replayed it.
Nor do I intend to.

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