Constant stuttering, and freezing near player bases

I am a longtime player of Conan Exiles, and have seen the quality of the game only deteriorate with each new update. I am now at the point that in every server, in every mode on both maps, I experience regular and frequent stuttering, and now when I approach any player base, even small structures like thrall wheels, I am prone to freezing almost every time. I have tried standing still when the stuttering starts, or when bases begin to render, but typically the moment I begin to move again I stutter and freeze again. In the past, I had a PvE-C server act like this just before deteriorating to the point that no benches loaded, even mine, and doors did not render, and passing through the “empty” doorways resulted in a rubber band effect. Shortly after that, loading the server took 30 minutes and I was unable to move while still being able to change the camera angle. This is incredibly frustrating to see happening on every server now, especially given I have purchased Isle of Siptah and every other DLC. Now, I would like to enjoy the rewards from the Battle Pass, but I would never dare give these developers another cent given their negligence and apparent apathy. While they push their Battle Pass and all these updates, the very basics of the game are neglected and the game is broken. I have been robbed, it seems, as I cannot even enjoy the items I have paid for due to their inability or unwillingness to fix the game and create a stable version for PS4. My desire to play the game I once loved is rapidly turning into a desire to see my money returned and this useless title removed from my life.


We have hit that point in time… we need A stable version for the PS4.

It Could be pre-sorcery. I believe many people would give up a lot for a return to a stable version for the PS4, (I have no way of knowing for sure but I would). I hear you brother, right there with you. Sing it from the roof tops, “A stable version for the PS4” I can only play seriously for 1-2 hour sessions at this point. before I start sinking through the landscape, and maprooms and teleportation are always risky. 1 hour sessions with an exit and a reload if I am fighting anything risky.

Sorcery is amazing but it broke the game, stop creating content, new content that keeps bloating the game. You both said it perfectly.

A stable version for the PS4. (rant ends).

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