Constantly crashes on Xbox One when accessing inventory

I am playing on a private server hosted using gportal and had no issues up until now. Whenever i try to access the inventory the game crashes. The game also crashes sometimes when trying to access the server initially. I have two other friends who play and do not experience this issue.

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Which model of xb1? Are you accessing admin inventory as well?

I am on the original Xbox one.

It happens basically when i press the start button wether i am in admin controls or not

Try power cycling your xbox. Are you getting any error codes on your console at all?

I tried that still happens! No error codes

This issue still Hasnt been fixed moved over to PC plays fine. Would like fun com to re imburse so i can move dlc to PC that I purchased

Xbox Support Here’s some reading material in regards to Microsoft’s refund policy. Asking Funcom to refund your money for something you purchased from the Microsoft store will get you nowhere.

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