"constantly falling" above ceilings and stairs

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Avatar “flying” above ceillings and stairs. It look like he want to fall down when I’ m standing on ceilings or when I’m going upstairs. Also, camera behave like I’m a ivisible= don’t work autozoom when I round view.
Sometimes I see only wall behind which I’m standing
[Describe the bug here]

here is a link to video how it looks like in game

Hey @Durendal85

This is a rare but not unseen desync issue with the server. It is usually resolved once the server restarts, or your character teleports or removes its bracelet.
Apologies for the frustration.

In oryginal version restart usually help with this bug. but in Siptah - no chance. Every relog and still the same

This bug has plagued me since i started playing exiled lands. I’ve search extensively on several forums and it dates back years. All threads I have seen about it have been closed with no resolution. I have tried so many things to play around this bug and asked many players for suggestions to deal with it. I bought siptah hoping it would not persist with a new game but it is still with me and before i uninstall just wanted to make one last effort to find some kind of work around I can do in game.

btw - its not as rare as you say it is. this i know because of the amount of players ive talked to about this. Also removing bracelet , teleporting and server restart rarely fixes it. It does rarely as you say for some players. The only thing that fixes it is running out of draw distance.

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Agreed that it’s probably not all that rare. I think people just stopped reporting it, and resigned themselves to restarting server (or whatever their particular fix is). This is my case. I set my server to reboot nightly, and this issue doesn’t appear nearly as often as it used to.

Agreed, it’s not rare and running out of draw distance does fix it for me each time.

I usually use the steam forums just because its easier for the players but there is no bugs section there, everything is in general. Since this is impacting my game to the point of being unplayable i started searching here. Sure enough just like on steam every time someone makes a thread about this 4 or five players post in saying they have the same issue within a day or two.

One thing i have noticed is about a year ago the copy paste response from community support says they are aware of this and it on the to-do list. Now a year later it “sorry for the frustraion” and thats it. Logic leads me to the conclusion that they have given up on fixing this and decided its better to pretend it doesnt exist even though there are tons of threads about this on every conan forum and its all over youtube.

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