This bug is OLD. How long will it be ignored?!

All game modes
PvP, PvE
N. America

Player characters and follow thralls sinking waist deep into mesh. Often the game attempts to correct itself, unsuccessfully, and makes the player character “fly” above the mesh, animated as though falling.
Problem most severe immediately following game launch, clears up somewhat when moving outside render range and then returning

Step 1. Play the game.


Wooden foundations used to be the worst at this, but it happened with certain tier 3 foundations and especially ceilings too. I never had this happen on any sandstone surface or the ingame world outside of player-made buildings though, and this applies to 2017-2020 across various patches. Mind you this was PC/EU Official.

Every day when logging in, 95% of the time i have to relog to get it right,
i even play the game hovering in a eternal fall becoming tired of it…

… especially when you relog and the lobby says “ping too high” and have to wait thát out or use direct connect.

Never stops to amaze me how they get away with it all these years.


Ditto on everything said above. Typically first login has floating over some tiles. Log out/log in and it’s better.

Et celui là :slight_smile:

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