Construction harrasement

I have read some threads about PvE servers and the building ‘snakes’ some clans do over the land area. i dont know if Chump is an gm or what ever for funcom, but when he say that ‘that is what you get playing in Pve’, that is the WRONG answer. Funcom have a responsibility agains theire players who dont want to play pvp, and all these ‘snakes’ are an harrasement and an annoying thing on pve servers.

If it is like they say that everyone can build everywhere thats ok, but NOT making foundation snakes just to occupie land and for connecting decay timer on all buildings. Make so you have to be at that building for it not to decay and live by your own rules, no building abuse and harrasmemnt.

Make all to take away the snakes, and take away the timer update bug with these snakes or even without snakes, build and just make foundations every 8-15 foundations between eachother, destroy teh constructions between and you have the update timer on all buildings connected to that snake.

Make a change on pve servers, they are NOT pvp where you can destroy eachother buildings.

You make it to easy fro your self Funcom instead of taking responsibility.


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