Constructions dismantling on official servers

Hi everyone! I could not find the right thread so I am leaving it here. I am going to be off the game for some period of time, around 12 ish days. I am aware that constructions are being dismantled if you are not online for some while. So, is there any way to keep my buildings safe from dismantling? Would it help if I write it down on a plaque or something? I have played for a while now, and I don’t want to start it from scratch. P. S. I don’t have guild, I play alone on an official pve server on ps4. Thanks in advance.

Nope… There is no way…

There are 2 solutions:
.use PS-Remote play and let your PS4 in standby (what I did, when I was at 20days vacation in the summer)
.find someone you can trust and this person just logs into your base, so that nothing decays. Problem is finding someone… Because a stranger could be a troll and just destroy your base or dont login at all…

Oh… Shoot. I see… sad( thanks for reply and advise though. Anyway, I believe that the Dev should provide some tools to tackle that inconvenience. People tend to take at least 2 vacations yearly. I understand that the system has the aim to delete undesirable constructions on the map, erected by people who left the game. But what about people who, let’s say, are leaving on vacation for example and planning to be back asap. I love their DLC I am planning to buy further ones, but it would be impossible for me once I lost everything.

I’m a PvP player and have done this for my friends in the past: drop onto a server and join your clan in order to keep your decay refreshed. Do you have any friends you could trust with the job?

Secondarily, there is a trick that anyone on the server can use, that will keep your decay alive for you. If you have a friend on the server that you trust, please direct message me and I’ll tell you what they need to do for you!

Take your playstation with you and find an internet access where you go on vacation to log on every fews days.

Or put the ps4 to someone else house and explain him what to do (friends, family …)


Perhaps he wants a break from the game. The pals I mentioned before, half of them did it for just that. :+1:

Good call, Berserker😀 Is that a thing to travel with your console nowadays?:)That is something new for me to hear😊 I am going on a business trip. Don’t think that I could manage it. Yeah, I thought about asking a friend such a favor. The problem is that, I don’t have any friend playing that game😔 There again comes a question about inconvenience. I mean, they have pre-installed the ability to change the decay time up to x10. How come is it just x1 (168h) or 7 days, if I get it right, on official servers. Give us 14 days at least (x2).

Barnes, thanks for advise. I’ll reach to you for that information which you mentioned above. The thing is that I really like that game. Frankly to say, I love the Funcom’s games. I have come here from the Age of Conan as many people did, I suppose. I’ve never been judgemental about anything. But really guys… 7 days are very, and I mean it, very short period of time. I am playing every other day now, waiting for the new content which is coming soon, as many of you are. I know, that some of you might say, that I should have started playing on an inofficial server where the decay time is longer. Yeah, maybe that is partially my fault as well. But back then I neither knew nor thought about such thing. Maybe there weren’t such thing at all at the beginning, I don’t remember that already.

During summer holiday the official decay was doubled, which was pretty nice. Personally I play so much that decay isn’t an issue usually, and thanks to other friendlies who notify me about my remote bases, haven’t lost anything in a long time.

Several authorities on the subject consider decay to be, on the continuum of good for the player vs bad for the player, somewhat far over on the bad side. A gamers’ panel at Sony to which I belong considers decay to be an almost punitive game construct. Mark Brown of Game Maker’s Toolkit considers decay to be harmful to the player, in such a way that it could be construed as “addicting.” I won’t go so far as to say that, but every private server I’m running has no decay at all.

Yeah, objectively the decay system is essential part of the game, and I agree one hundred percent that this tool is needed to keep servers healthy and sound. I am just asking them to consider it to be more flexible on official servers. It’s very nice that they doubled this for the summer season and apperently students and state employees were very pleased with this. If I were one of them I would have been very pleased as well. But unfortunately (relative to that topic) I have some business trips around the year which some of them longer than 7 days and vacations are not often fall out on summer time.

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