Consturcture Which built all day long is Evaprote! and still no Purge about 2month

Game mode: [Online official]
Type of issue: [Building which made all day long is gone ]
Server type: [ PvE ]
Region: [Asia #1328]

[Describe the bug here]

Hello Funcom
I’m one of player of PVE- Asis 1328 server which name dbs2664(tribe Exilemang)
Me and my tribe played Conan exlie about 300 hour avrage(me as 430 hour) I already mention about the there is no purge about 4 week, It’s never change even now. so we give up to gather thrall which could obtain only by purge.
So we try to our focus on viliging huge constructure. But Problems occured today on September 25th afternoon. My tribe member which named Kynthos found Some constructure which contain many Aquilonian pillow(It’s constructure which build on September 24th all day long by Kynthos) So he and me also my whole tribe member feel desperate. Me as feeling huge rage about that. we already experince bug so… we find other play style but another bug make us… we really angry and some of member might be quit to playing Conan.

You Funcom never mind one of player quit this game. but If you doing like this. Much more user quit to playing Conan. I’m really disapointed about your after service. So Purge problem fixed? No
So consturcture avaporate problem will fixed? I don’t think so.
Have you monitored In game log? I know you monitor comunity forum. But Do you monitoring each server? In here Conan called “Conan exile the land of bug” We spend our money and precious time on this game. then you guys try you best on after service much more then, Make some DlC. It is right?
I also pay about your Whole DLC while You guys never mind some serious bug. You make me foolish consumer. You make me my money and my time garbage. When I mentioned about Purge bug my wording was gently and generous. I said to you I’m big fan of Conan and Foucom. but now what is remained?
You said that No company who want to make their user Desperate. But you guys make as desperate. and discourage.
Please, (I know Funcom has no soultion about which every players Item evaporate situation) But, Please Try your best about after servicing about your game and listen what your fan saying, listen their angry voicice humbly please.

Sincerly, dbs2664


Hey there,

I’ve reported an instance of this bug as well. You should start taking screenshots to document the disappearing pieces. The more evidence we have the harder it will be to ignore.

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