Purge Bug ; Though Purge has ended its says Purge is going on and I cannot build somewhere

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Other
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: #1016
Mods: None

Bug Description:

Though Purge is over I can’t build; “You can’t build while Purge is going on”; but there is no purge anymore. I first had a purge where the commander (Hand of War) of the attackers vanished. I relogged. The purge was over. I can now start a new purge, but when the new purge is over the system states a purge is still going on. I guess it has something to do with purge before where the Commander vanished. Now i can’t build and do nothing anymore as system claims a purge is still going on.

(Sorry, no native speaker)

Bug Reproduction:


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after the server restart I can build again.

but it is a severe problem that if the purge Commander “Hand of War” somehow gets out of your sight and vanishes somewhere you can’t stop the purge or you are bugged until server restart. There should be a stop timer for every purge instance, or a timer which resets the Hand of war and generates a new one if he isn’t killed in let’s say 5 Minutes. There is NO way to stop a purge in a good way if the “Hand of War” vanishes somehow. At least I don’t know one.

:brazil: bug

Gostaria de saber por qual motivo vocês estão iniciando um “purge” e saindo da vista dele após iniciar isso :thinking: por acaso sabem de algo que acontece quando isso ocorre e estão usando para conseguir alguma vantagem sobre o novo sistema de purge? @Funcom_Community
Recomendo que leia as regras Conan Exiles rules

:brazil: Bug Reports

Você poderia gravar um clipe e postar aqui este problema?

Já informou o suporte ZENDESK?

  1. first of all I don’t speak spanish;
  2. second, I think - from the google translator - that you did not understand what I wrote.
  3. third, I have the feeling you threaten me a BAN for reporting a BUG? seriously?

again: I started a Purge. The hand of War vanished somehow; I couldn’t find him and end the purge; Conan Exiles crashed then after a while; I relogged and the purge I started seemed over; but it wasn’t as I COULD start and end a new Purge Instance,
but the old Instance wasn’t closed and I couldn’t build anymore until the server restarted.

Funcom, is there a person which might speak a lttle bit english or is this above the service given? I mean really… And Chinese I also don’t speak, if the next one tries Mandarin language…

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