Container Request: Small book shaped container for storing large amounts of paper only type items

Scout Reports do not stack, they take up a lot of space. I sometimes find myself trying to cram them into my vault because I don’t want to make a run up north.

It would be nice if I had a small book shaped container I could place as a decoration, that could also function as a convenient high slot storage container for paper type items ONLY.

It could hold schematics, poems, war paint, notes and scrolls as well as scout reports and anything else deemed to be a “paper” type item.

Obviously we can place these items in a chest, but it would be a neat way to organize an item in the game while also providing additional decor options.

We all know a big draw of Conan is the decor.

Just a thought. Ty.


Excellent for duplicate recipes as well! :+1:


good idea, but i’m afraid there’s more work involved than first thought. what makes an item a “paper” based item? currently there are no characteristics that could be used. so you would first have to introduce an appropriate characteristic and then implement the filtering for the new container based on that. that will be a lot more time-consuming, especially if you want to/must maintain compatibility with existing mods.

but I think the idea is great


I want libraries :sob:. I want them to work as chests exactly like you said, to place on them recipes, Razmas journals, etc…
@KorgFoehammer fixed some libraries and they were lovely.
Yet I wouldn’t mind the leather journal to work this way too, so you can store 20 recipes for example, as long as I could put them inclined on shelves :man_shrugging:.
Any way we have it I am all in @GodisGood, all in :+1:t6:.


I so wanted the bookshelves they added to have this behavior. I would settle for a book-shaped container, but I really think it’s a shame that the bookshelves don’t work like containers for journals and scrolls.


Absolutely. A book, or a bookshelf could be very useful in that regard.

In addition to this, jars and other common sense type items should also be able to store things.

It would even help with server loads.

For Example…

Currently I would place three chests next to a fermentation barrel. This is in order to hold a large stack of mats/wine/etc. However, I will also add some jugs and vases for decor purposes. The chests are mostly just there for utility.


I could place a few functional jugs and jars next to my fermentation barrel… I would not even need to place chests. The place would look nicer, be less cluttered, I might even be able to downsize the structure and/or squeeze in an extra bench… that might prevent/delay me from further expanding my base. Ultimately it would result in quite a few less items being placed server wide.

I might even go so far as to say it could be considered a very small performance improvement. I would not argue it would be huge, but even a “hardly matters” improvement, made alongside 10 other “hardly matters” issues could really grease the gears so to speak.


Yes, I would love the barrels to work for storaging alcohol. Yet in this case I would love to storage types, what I mean in this barrel I store wine, in the other ale, etc…


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