Continue Favorited servers have extremely high ping

I posted about having a really high ping when playing on any of my favorited servers. Favorited servers have extremely high ping

I was unable to log on to check my ping due to the fact that my ping was too high for me to log on to said servers. I was only able to get on to a server today to check my ping. When I executed the process given to me on the previous thread, I was shown a ping of 70-80. Then, when in the toggledebughud screen for a few moments it suddenly jumped to 200+.

I was also told to use the Command Prompt as administrator to the IP of your server(s) to where the problems are in the internet path. I don’t know how to do that. If this is needed, it would be great to be linked or given how to go about doing this. I’m not the most tech savvy person. Thank you!