Continuously losing contact with server

I get self conscious when it comes to bringing up any issues with my online gaming, so I’ve gotten pretty good at doing my research and figuring things out on my own . That being said , I’ve been beating my head against the wall trying to figure out how to play this game without constantly being disconnected do to signal loss. I’d use a LAN line if that were an option for me , but my signal is always at 100% and my download is never under 30 mb my upload speed is always around 3. Yesterday alone I was disconnected from the server I regularly play on over 20 times. Of course when I contacted support on either end (PSN or g-portal) they both either blamed each other or blamed me. I love this game, but I’d really like to play not worrying about it crashing just about everytime I’m in a situation that (a) would kill my character and (b)Destroy all the equipment they were carrying that I’ve spent days/weeks of farming, just to make, do to the amount of time it takes to log back in and try to get to my gear.


Welcome to the Forum. Please report your problem To Zendesk and post this in bug section of Forum you will get answers faster Funcom crew won’t be back till Monday there time.


Welcome to the forums - and please don’t worry or feel self-conscious - we may argue (a lot), but most of us are here because of a shared love of the game, and glad to help in any ways we can :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I have no knowledge that is likely to be useful (though, it is entirely possible that other players may see this and have ideas). As @sestus2009 suggests, you may be able to get an answer faster by reporting to Zendesk (or in the playstation bug section of this forum) - but I think the tip about the weekend is particularly good. I tend to try to mostly just have conversations at the weekend, and save bug reports for week days - I just feel they have a better chance of not getting missed that way (it may just be my perception of it, but anything to increase the chances of getting help seems worth it :slight_smile: ).

I hope that you are able to get this issue resolved soon, and am sorry I could not be more help.


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