Connection lost. You must be connected to the PlayStation network to play . I got this after blue screen how can I fix this please?

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Region: [Australia ]

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

By waiting for them to fix it

So this is happening to everyone?


Yes. Apparently so.

It’s being looked into, has been for 3 hours now.

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Funcom=trash communication


Or they are busy trying to fix it. It’s at the top of this page.

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are you talking to me?


This makes me feel a lot better I’m outside my base building probably a weeks worth of work on my body :upside_down_face:

have someone whos in server invite you, and/or join someone thru a party chat :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure it’s all down :man_shrugging:from reading the other thread on here

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Got this same issue. Seems that only single player works

Hey there,

Feel free to discuss this issue in the below thread. Here’s an update.


Will i lose anything When i Can’t get online.Pls fixes problemf not connected to network when iam connected thanks

The game stops all AI activity in non rendered areas. Which means if no one is around or logged in playing in a area, nothing attacks or fights. So you are basically loggeed out, and your thrall is just standing there. After x minutes (15?) it will return home. Which means when you log in, it will be gone, but safe at its origianl guard spot.

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This just started happening to me today. Says I need to connect to PSN when I already am. This is ridiculous get this fixed now.

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Except when decay is on. Decay still continues yes?

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Yes, decay continues.

Decay, crafting all use time stamps when you aren’t in render/open stations. It does calculation on time elapsed to catch up and create the crafted materials.