Controller stop working middle of the game

Today 12 january 2022, i was in the middle of a game, conan exile solo player, when my controller stopped working.
I restart the game, still controller not working (in game, I can skip the intro normally).
I try to unplug the controller and plug it again.
I’m searching for a tutorial for updating driver, give me a day or two for that (I’m not paid, i’m not a computer ingeneer, i have a real job to ruin my day already)

I spend the last HOUR trying to figure out what to do and who to contact. it appears something similar happen at the last update for many people, each one on a different topic and each one being lied to about how often this issue happen (every update actually). This is not reassuring !

I request help from Funcom employee on this ! Don’t close this topic without fixing anything this time !

Game stopped working right, so i can’t play anymore.
With more than two hundred euro spend I expect (very) expensive product to work AND keep working.
Can something be done or should be talk refund and trial right now ?

What controller are you using? Maybe we can help you find the correct one.

And to start at the basics: have you tried turning your computer off and on again?

Greetings @MrJCM I am not a Funcom employee.

You indicate your controller is making inputs during the skippable Intro Screens. This would tell me your controller is still working.

Please go to Steam:

  1. Click Library
  2. Right-click Conan Exiles → Properties
  4. Look in the Steam Input status section. Is your controller listed, with a blue dot next to it?
    if so, 5
    if not, stop
  5. Look in the OVERRIDE FOR CONAN EXILES section
  6. Click the drop-down menu and click Enable Steam Input
  7. You should notice the Steam input status list update
  8. Your controller should illuminate

In my case, I use a PlayStation 4 controller.

If you are at STOP, please advise.


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