Corpse priority unlooted

It’d be nice if there was a priority on our corpses, since the system can only keep three corpses, it would be helpful to prioritize the corpse with the most loot over those which may not have any loot or only one or two items.

This will be especially helpful with the current bug that hides corpses giving us more time to located them but also when a corpse may be in a difficult position or location that is not easy to get to.

If you die 3 times trying to get to it even if it’s only a few minutes, the loaded corpse is gone forever. Making one of the newer corpses with only a few or no items on it be removed first would be preferable.

The unannounced server reboot (which is another problem in itself) just put me in a very bad situation, as it clears your buffs and brings all enemies back to life. Getting to my corpse after that was possible but not easy, was almost there until the 3rd death which made it disappear for good.

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