Corrupted Fighter Builds are Dead in AoW Chapter 4


Definitely and tag me for literally everything, thank you.
What i find very educational is the oil usage and their timers with oils.
But if you wish i would like to extend this research on oils and crafted weapons.
I do understand that on exile lands Musashi is easy obtainable, but in pvp it’s very difficult to support any build with rng weapons.
Yesterday i was in unnamed city with a blood crystal katana, i didn’t even put any upgrade and it was quite effective(no blacksmith) .
High numbers are critical and i respect this, yet they are not something to rely on in general basis.
I believe that the player community must press a bit for better venom infused weapons.
Not so much to become op, but good enough to be competitive.
If you have the knowledge, all you need is materials and back on business.