Could the pillar build technique be breaking purges?

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the more people we have on our server building structures on pillars the more purge seems to be wacking. could not being able to attack a building that has the pillar start and then yadda other parts be whats breaking the purges?

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If what you mean by “wacking” is that the Purge spawns inside the base.

Then yes building on pillars is the reason.

It’s intended, if the purge has no clear entry point it will spawn inside the base.
this was done to stop people from building high pillar bases.

The truth is a pillar base is not a secure system anyway.

But if you must build atop a pillar build a false entryway on ground level, just make sure the false entrance is attached to the base, if the base is built, build sandstone to the ground, fortify the false entrance. Then break the sandstone leading up to the base. The purge will then attack the false entrance.

If you are just starting build the false entrance first, then up to the apex of the pillar.
this is a better more reliable method.

If you fortify the false entrance enough the purge can easily be handled with little loss
leaving you free to concentrate on catching the purge thralls.

I use what @Barnes used to call an “airlock” system. I have had good luck with purges attacking what amounts to a trap. Sometimes players have fallen for it too. :slight_smile:


Yes and no the spawn in pillars base was not to stop pillars but more of a if a player has a pillar and players can’t attack it and purge could not attack it

On dev stream they said similar but that it was too safe and the risks were almost none so they wanted to give it more disadvantage than perfect risk free thus the spawn in base was made along with the trebuchet boulder which was a arch and low range but now it shoots very long distance and god bubble would not stop it now ether thus it was a lot more risky to build one but like you said it is intended

We talking Lilo-pop foundation pillars? Or just Pillars…? Like a Hut off ground pillars?

I know some of purge system changed abit, Pillars aren’t (or may still not be) part of sqaure foundations.

So a Ceiling Tiles on Pillars isn’t really a building to Purges eyes. (itlest on ps4) Doesnt seem count towards 90ish foundations/wall count.

Granted, I’m on ps4. I was pretty sure they changed it for a time. (as it was a way to avoid purges if you had no foundation square or fences.) (or was anyway)

wacking = more of our purges die than not

Hey yes from my recent experience it can cause some issues with the purges getting locked up and not actually spawning. But it usually will fix itself on server restart. You do have some purge eligible bases on the map yes? If it is not fixing itself on server restart, then you may have a problem that you need to talk to your server admin about, emptying the purge meter and starting over can help. If you are on official you may need to do some destruction, and construction to get it to work again. Hope that helps.

So restarting the server or stopping Purge and restarting it will just cause it to pick another Target and keep going and it will just trash again when it goes back to a base that is built that way

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