Question about purges

So my understanding is the purge will spawn in your base if there is no clear open entry point. I was recently purged, and the spawned on the ceiling of one of my buildings. At the time I had a one foundation wall around my base, barely above ground. All of my base buildings are ground level and not built up on anything funky. So I can see how this might be misread, but what if I put a gate on top of those foundations somewhere along the wall, isnt it still just going to read this as the same barrier as before? Would steps up to and down from the gate, make this read by the game properly and have them spawn outside the wall and try to break the gate? And if not, what is the point of building a wall in PvE/C

Side note, I swear a week ago I could repair my flawless HSS on my character, and now I cannot. I know the recipe for it and I had the materials. Was this changed or am I just crazy?

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