How do i avoid purge spawning in base

ok guys, how… HOW do i stop the purge from spawning in my base? keep in mind i am in the damn middle of the desert, not on an island so yes there is a direct path to me yet im still dealing with this, also why is this a thing, why spend hours building defenses when they can literally houdini themselves wherever they want :unamused:

They are sneaky? More specifics please :slight_smile:
Are you on ground level?
Built on a hill?
Is your base extremely large? LOL I ask this and most people with a 500X500 sized base would say its “modest” haha.

Without more details we can only speculate. If you have say a castle style build and then you have a massive wall around it some 30+ foundations away then you are creating a spawnable location within your walls. In summary of this scenario, anyplace thats buildable to the enemy within your location is a spawnable zone.

If you are built on a pillar there is no place near you they can spawn in reach of your base so they spawn in it. This one was supposed to be fixed though.

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Don’t forget that means path TO and path INTO your base. If you’ve walled off everything they’re just going to spawn inside and negate most (or all) of your defenses.

Make sure you have a path open that’s not closed off by a wall/door so they can path inside. Then concentrate your defenses there.

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