Crafter Thrall Personalities

So this one might be a little much, but I think its worth suggesting…

What if crafter thralls had personalities? For example: A hardworking thrall would be able to craft 2 items queued at once vs. one at a time in a massive stack. A lazy thrall would make items cost less, but takes longer to craft, ect. I believe this could create an economy and desire for crafter thralls. Making them more exciting like the update to combat thralls.


It would be a neat idea, but from a gameplay perspective, it would add another random element to already luck-based feature. Finding the thrall you want is already a hassle, and if upon capturing him/her you find out that the thrall has an undesireable personality trait, you’d have to start over.

So, your idea has merit, but based on player feedback regarding combat thrall perks, I’d leave any negative modifiers out of the discussion. Those only cause wailing and gnashing of teeth.


I would say it may not be that much of a hassle and more of a novelty like finding a shiny pokemon in the pokemon series. Having perfect crafter thralls would be something fun for the PvE side w/ benefits to PvP as they are incredible loot.

Thats somthing for an leveling system even for crafting thralls, in combo whit be able to give them armor and tools to ad more personalitis.

The negativ can be from armors and tools, and if you dont give them proper equipmens they shud have a rist go get a bad perk. You need to make them happy to make them work well style.

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