New attributes - craftsman

Concept: give the player the ability to accomplish what thralls are able to, the trade off being attribute allocation (essentially making them home bound.) and also requiring that they stay in station for the duration of crafting.

Application: the player gives attribute points to the craftsman skill tree, Individual points grant increased crafting speed, where perks offer the benefits of resource reduction, or possibly higher quality weapons and armor.

Use: the player enters a crafting station and selects that they want to work in the station, (simple command prompt) this then applies the craftsman benefits to the station (exactly like adding a thrall). The player selects their build que, and is required to stay working in the station for the duration of the build, leaving station will immediately clear the build que.

Benefits: although thrall acquisition is a great game mechanic, it is one on hostile PVP servers can be borderline impossible due to player interference. Additionally, a single raid can not only set you back in repair times, but weeks of thrall farming, allowing a server to become imbalanced very quickly, this gives new players the ability to compete, but leaves alpha clans the ability to horde high level thralls and run crafting stations simultaneously, thus still making thrall farming a very attractive feature, I would also suggest that flawless variants NOT be a feat, therefore further motivating that Named crafting thralls will always be in demand. Also Any warrior or archers will be uneffected, and always in demand.

As useful as this feature would be for me (and it would, I play clanless on officials and I don’t play enough to find all the hard-to-get Thralls), I think it’d be too limiting.

Respeccing is easy, and with the newly added potions allowing you to keep attributes or skills while resetting the other it’s even easier. So the only real cost would be sacrificing one type of gametime (hunting for thralls) for another (having your character standing at a crafting station while you do nothing).

I don’t see the value in that. I like that there’s a few things that are hard to get, even if it can be frustratingly hard at times.

But that’s all from a PvE perspective, it’s possible things would be different in PvP, and it’s hard for me to gauge whether it’d be popular on that side of the fence (I have a feeling a lot of people don’t want to add more value to staying at home safe, but I could well be wrong)

I updated the last paragraph, maybe it will help clarify.

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It sounds pretty good. I think this would be very viable if we could take 2-3 thralls with us instead of one.

hi, maybe something inbetween the 2 ideas could work well?

for example, if larger pvp clans are taking all the thralls (or controlling all the thrall areas), then allowing a player to spend a few feat points, to gain Craftsmanship, would be a good way of letting them experience some of the benefits that a thrall would bring to the building/station.

but, what if this only can go up to a certain tier of equivalent thrall? (this way, the player can still get some benefits, but can still later enjoy the hunt when they have more skills, and better levels of stuff, and try to find the names ones) :slight_smile:

@ConanTheCook that was almost exactly what I was trying to say in the last paragraph. Or are you suggesting a Buff for all stations simultaneously?

well, i guess the buff could go either way…depending on what is easier or better to code, for example:

multiple cheaper feats points costs, for different stations
or 1 larger feats points cost, which caters for all stations

but only to let the player do things that upto tier3 would teach… just so that there is something to look forward to when exploring for a t4 thrall, or for purges. (im still new remember, and havent gone past 50% of my purge meter yet lol) :slight_smile:

Yea that’s a good analysis, I think that provided this idea would be considered by funcom, that it be limited to a single station at a time, so that obtaining tier 1-3 thralls is till very useful if you want to run multiple operations. I gave the idea of the player staying at the station to balance the possibility of a function that thralls don’t offer, perhaps a new recipe that’s not offered outside of the skill, or a greater material cost reduction at a slower than normal build speed.