Profession Thralls

Wouldn’t it be better for profession thralls to get experience for crafting items and be able to tier up from actually doing the job instead of repeatedly committing genocide at Sinner’s Refuge and hoping for RNGesus to bless you?


I had the same thoughts, since my blacksmith fixed so many reinforcements or weapons he should be better by now, yet this is not the true of how things are. To many crafters exist in the real world as well, yet not all of them are the same. I believe this is the reason devs has this Tier separation for :wink:. Closing the greatest reason I agree with them is my real life profession. I have crafters under my supervision that can do specific things good but I have just a few that makes miracles.

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Better for whom? RNG is Funcom’s way of keeping players engaged with the game. If you have to keep grinding, you’re playing the game. So it probably wouldn’t be better for Funcom, because they would have to keep coming up with more difficult ways of keeping their players engaged.

Then there’s the question of game mode. On PVE(-C) servers, there’s no problem with your idea. On PVP servers, you would probably get a lot of players complaining about it, because now everyone can have the best crafters without having to grind for them.

So yeah, it’s a nice idea, but I don’t see it happening :frowning:


That would be in line with the leveling of other followers without adding anything to your follower count. I like it !

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there have been posts about this over the years, and I like it. I personally want yhralls to have a decay rate as well, but that’s just the survivalist game cycle I would prefer. Never gonna happen though

Maybe something like the fighters have now, but tailored a little…

Random ‘skillup’ in the main bonuses, like Damage, Armor Pen, Durability, Weight, Armor.
And then rando perks again at 10, 15, 20.
Getting the right balance on those things might be tricky, but it could work.

Have everything that’s done on a station give the attached thrall xp, including things like converting a thrall in a wheel, or tanning leather. I don’t think I’d envy whoever would have to work out the right balance there tho XD

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